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In simple terms, at school I was the ‘fat kid’. I hated sport and getting changed in front of people, I hated my body and I hated myself. Unfortunately as I headed into my teenage years being the chubby one led to me having an eating disorder and ending up in hospital for a short time. For 5 years I suffered with Bulimia and my whole life revolved around food. The consumption of it and then the purging of it. It was thanks to someone at my local gym that my life changed round. I had joined the gym and as with most gyms you have to do an induction when you first sign up. The very nice attractive young man was showing me around and took me over to the treadmill. After 5 minutes of a very slow jog I had pretty much almost passed out and fallen on top of him. He sat me down and asked me point blankly “Have you eaten today”? The honest answer. No. Had I eaten the day before? Not really. Although it was my own doing I had never felt so embarrassed!

Thankfully he was completely understanding and we chatted for ages. He somehow did what no one else had managed and made me realise that starving myself or throwing up really wasn’t the best way to lose weight. I don’t know why then. Maybe it was the embarrassment or the fact it was someone who I didn’t know telling me but what ever he did worked. I fell in love with training and therefore had to learn to fuel my body correctly. Things from there changed forever and now nearly 20 years on I have an amazing career in teaching other people how to get fit and be healthy the correct way. (My PE teacher would fall over if she saw me now!)

In recent years I have competed in Powerlifting, gained my black belt in kickboxing and I am currently training to be a stunt performer. If I’m not in the gym training someone or myself, I’m usually running one of my 2 daughters to football, karate or horse riding! In our family we really don’t sit still!


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